What Do You LOVE About Yourself?


It’s easy to put yourself down. I find I do it a lot to make people feel better about themselves, it’s complicated.

I feel like the more I expose my flaws and make them know I’m not perfect, the more comfortable they will feel, but it’s became a bad habit.

This post was hard to make because it’s hard to actually think of qualities that you love about yourself. I would love it if you could list at LEAST 3 things that you love about yourself. This can be appearance, your personality, your habits, your passion for something, whatever you want.

I’ll go first:

The 3 qualities I love about myself are:

How Emotionally Aware I Am – I feel like I’m so compassionate especially since having my little boy. I was always compassionate and caring towards people and their issues they may face in life, but since having my son I really take on a lot of emotion through what people are telling me. Sometimes it’s a great trait because i feel like people can trust me and won’t feel like I’m judgemental.

My Eyes – Only with makeup, but I love how my eyes look if I actually get my eyeliner right and if my mascara is fresh, cause I love how my eyes tell what I’m thinking, can’t explain it. I feel like you can tell a lot by my eyes, and if you observe other people you can read their feelings through their eyes.

My Sense Of Humour – I have the best sense of humour ever. I actually remember saying that I deserve a TV show. I love people who are stupidly silly, who actually don’t care to be daring and who actually laugh about everything and anything like me. I absolutely LOVE clicking with people like this. I also love when in a moment when something funny happens randomly, you quickly turn to look at someone to check if they ALSO found it funny then you both just laugh. They are the best moments ever!

So I’d love if you could get involved and give yourself some self-love.

Speaking about the last point really made me smile!

Be kind to yourself, I wanna hear what you love about you!


Louise oxoxo

5 Tips For When You’re Feeling Low


For me personally my emotions are like a rollercoaster and I’ve been thinking is this all in my mind? (Well duh it is) but what I truly mean, is what if this is what I’ve programmed my mind in thinking? There will be 1/2 weeks in the month when I class this as a negative, emotional week and In that week I’m an emotional wreck, my anxiety is so severe and my mind doesn’t switch off.

Within a couple of days I’m back to my normal self, I’m thankful and I’m positive it’s very confusing but I’m used to it.

Now that I’m in the stages of letting my emotions stabilise, i thought this would be a good post for people who are similar to me, or feel as if they’re completely worn out from their feelings, everything’s going wrong and your anxiety/depression is very much present.

I hope these 5 tips help you.


I completely 100% understand when your anxiety, depression and when you’re feeling so low this is honestly the last thing you want to do. For me it’s just the dreaded thought people will see me, I look unhappy, my eyes tell a lot about my emotions and I do not want to talk to anybody when I feel deeply distressed.

I’ve found that going for a walk especially in the morning in open spaces, when you barely see people, it’s quiet and I don’t know why but the air is always nicer, it feels fresh and you just feel calmer, this always seems to give my overthinking brain a rest.

Even if it’s not in the morning, just getting out somewhere in the day will be a distraction and you will feel much better instead of staring at 4 walls all day.


I used to hear this advice a lot and it used to irritate me because I didn’t get the point.

I began spilling my emotions into my pregnancy diary which I can’t look at to this day because it makes me sick to my stomach reading how emotionally low I was and all the negative things that were happening (which is why some people say to burn whatever you’ve wrote).

Doing this when I felt like I couldn’t speak to people about how I truly felt about everything, really helped calm my mind.

I sometimes write down everything when my mind is full to this day, at the end of whatever I’m writing, I end up writing positive things or giving myself advice, because I’ve unraveled my mind on paper, deep, personal things. It’s therapeutic and it does help a lot.

If I was you I’d get something like a diary or note pad that looks pretty, and also a pretty looking pen. Something that looks great so you are motivated to write in it.


I can’t stand negative and emotional days. But I’ve realised unless I truly feel and go through these days and I try to carry on as normal, it all hits me like a ton of bricks and my emotions are 10x harder to stabilise.

Let yourself feel as in leave the housework, chill in bed, stay in your PJS just have a lazy day. Order food, Watch sad movies listen to sad songs, pour your emotions out and just go through whatever your feeling.

This is completely fine and healthy as long as this doesn’t go into weeks of doing this every day.


Kind of contradicting the 3rd tip, but honestly I mean at the end of the day or whenever, pamper yourself. This sounds cliche and unhelpful but I swear when I’m overwhelmed, feeling lonely and just completely low in mood. If I just spend the longest time just sitting still in the bath, listening to music, even down to washing my hair, applying basically the whole bottle of conditioner, and painting my nails. Something distracting but also nice will make you feel better.

My favourite thing ever is doing a face mask and making myself a cup of tea. That is such a mom stereotype, but honestly I love tea so much that in itself makes me happy and I love the feel of my skin after a face mask.

You can do things such as maybe dye your hair a different colour, change your look/style to something you’ve wanted (I’ve recently had a fringe cut and I love it)

If you’re an active person maybe go to the gym late at night or ridiculously early in the morning so if you’re anxious you don’t need to bump into too many people, and this will realise endorphins which trigger positive feelings in your body which will boost your mood.


Another cliche point but I want to make things clear, every person deserves an amazing support network.

There is no point what so ever having people in your life who are not interested in your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

If you feel like you can’t talk to people in your life and you can’t be true to how you’re feeling inside then you need to question your network of people and connect with people who truly do care.

Talk to people in depth with how you feel who will actually listen to you, give their advice and sympathise with you, not someone who will brush off your feelings “you will be okay!”

Your feelings are valid to you and you need people who understand. If you feel like you have nobody what so ever, I really do think it’s best to speak to someone professional.

Someone professional like a councillor who will sit and listen to your thoughts and feelings. I love speaking to councillors but you have to find one who you feel comfortable telling things to, and actually feel as if they care about how your feeling. It’s nice because that person doesn’t know you and they can’t exactly judge you, these people are here to help you and you feel so much better talking about everything.

If you ever need to talk about things then definitely drop me an email, so you have someone to talk to: louekai@hotmail.com


Louise oxoxo

A Letter To My 14 Year Old Self


Dear Louise,

Even though this year will be heartbreaking, you will feel the effects for a long time, eventually the pain lessens and you will feel so much better.

You need to love yourself more and let go of the past of being bullied for your appearance and weight at primary school. Children can be so cruel and are unaware of the effects they have with their words.

You carry much more than your appearance. Your personality is amazing and you should be proud of how mature, compassionate and sensitive you are to others, because not many people are.

Stop worrying about being in a relationship and enjoy being young and enjoy the company of your friends. You will enter a negative relationship because of this, which will have a dangerous effect on your self-esteem and self-worth.

Having said that, you will get through it. You will become more certain about what you want and what you don't want in a relationship. You know the negative signs and you will realise that this relationship wasn't healthy.

Don't worry about drama at school. Focus on your education because everything gets forgotten once everyone leaves.

Stop being so serious! Read these books that changed your life at 17, 'the power' and 'the secret' and learn when you think more positively and act in a positive way, positive things will come to you.

You are perfect in every way, you need to stop wondering and being scared that others will think negatively of you. Love your own company and discover yourself. Live your life for you and embrace your own skin instead of chasing to look and be someone else.

You've got plenty of great experiences to come, whatever you do don't lose who you are and don't stick around people who make you feel insecure and negative. Be aware of the people who surround you, you will bloom into your own unique self, be proud.

Love, your 20 year old self,

Louise oxoxo

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My Goals For August


Its August already?!

This year is going fast, when I was a child the year seemed so long and time seemed to go on forever, but now I'm realising everything goes so fast.

Especially now I have my son, who will be two in February! Scary and bitter sweet.

I love seeing him grow and learn, he's focused and I'm proud of the person he's becoming.


I wanted to start aiming to hit 5 goals for every month, then reflecting on them at the end of the month, talking about whether I reached them, whether I'm working on it still or what stopped me from reaching the goal and maybe trying again.

I think this is such a good idea as I feel like my days are just over in a split second, and having time to go back on my posts and remembering my goals and reflecting them will be a positive movement.

Why don't you join in too? 

So here are my 5 goals for the month:

• Write every day in your thankful diary for the whole month

• Attend Breastfeeding clinic every other week to catch up with the ladies and to get comfortable enough to volunteer 

• Try to meditate at least once a week when Ky is asleep for the entire month

• Attend play groups often so you build your confidence 

• Finish at least one book that you had bought (How to be confident and How to be mindful) by the end of the month. 

Not too difficult.

Let's hope I stick to them!

What's your August goals?


Louise oxoxo

100 Followers Post! Thank You! 💖


I've reached 100 followers! I'm so excited!!

The reason why I created my blog was to help people realise that they're not alone and there is people who can relate whether that's to do with my difficulties during parenting, difficulties with my skin and overall mental wellbeing such as anxiety and depression.

Starting a blog was nerve wracking because I was writing so deeply and openly about my experiences in each post, especially about parenting and I was scared that someone I knew would look at my blog and think it's pathetic.

Recently I showed my friend my blog – Teacups&LipstickStains – and she loved it and it encouraged her to write a blog (she's amazing and writes about dealing with mental health issues which is so brave of her)

Writing has became so therapeutic I love it and I love the fact people like how I'm expressing myself through writing it gives me confidence and makes me feel like I'm actually not alone.

As I was writing about ways to deal with anxiety and my updates on life as a single parent, I then went on to writing motivational posts for people to read as a little pick me ups for when you're feeling down and that seemed to be the biggest hits on my blog which makes me so happy!

I write whatever comes to mind normally at night time when my sons in bed, that's when my creative mind comes alive.

I'm so happy and grateful that you enjoy reading my blog! And I'm also enjoying blogging and writing posts! Before I didn't take it as serious as what I have done this year.

I've realised the blogging community is so encouraging and supportive I love it so much, especially on twitter!

Thank you so much again for following me, keep updated with my posts and follow me on my other social medias:

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This has been the best week ever! Two blogger awards and now a 100 follower milestone!

Lots of love,

Louise oxoxo

Let’s Be Open and Honest – Monthly Posts


So this big idea has just came into my head.

I love helping other people so I'd thought it would be fun to begin an open and honest monthly post to give people advice, to seek positivity from their situations and anything really.. let's just see how this goes guys 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

You can ask for any types of questions and you can ask for advice, such as anything to do with relationships, parenting, your anxiety becoming a parent, beauty related questions, you can ask anything you want.

At the end of each month I'll be uploading the comments and I'll be answering your questions and giving advice.

If you don't want me to post your comments then that's completely fine, just make a note of it when you submit.

Also I'd love if you guys could tell me what you'd want me to write about – some blogging inspo.

Anyway. Hopefully this goes to plan and I'll be looking forward to helping some of you guys.

So go ahead, ask away


Louise oxoxo

Blogger Recognition Award! – Nominated By HayleyxMartin!

Life, Uncategorized

Thank you so much to HayleyxMartin for nominating me for the Blogger recognition award!

You are so lovely! Definitely check out her blog the layout and the content is truly amazing.

The rules to the Blogger recognition award are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. Write a post to show your award.

3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.

4. Share two pieces of advice for new bloggers!

5. Choose 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to 

6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them. Provide the link to the post you created.

How My Blog Started

I began my blog last year February and I'm sure I was coming up to my end stages of pregnancy. At the time I was overwhelmed and scared and wanted a blog so I could put all my thoughts and experiences online hoping to help others in the same scenario as me.

For years I've wanted a blog but I've always been so anxious in case anybody found my blog until recently I've felt like my posts are really helping a lot of people lately especially my positivity and motivational posts, and this gives me so much confidence in what I write.

This year I completely took blogging more seriously as last year I was a new mum and so many life events happened, I needed to focus on being a mum. I've also learned to not be scared of other people's opinions or thoughts about my blog, as long as I write completely what's true to my heart and what I'm feeling, there's nothing wrong with my blog.

Two Pieces of Advice For New Bloggers

1. Be confident with what you're writing! Don't worry about whether people you know of will come across your blog. This will stop you from opening up to people and being true to your followers, being open and honest and spilling out your thoughts on your blog will help other people and will inspire others too depending on what you're writing about. It's also so therapeutic being able to offload on your own personal space on the internet.

2. Join other social media platforms. I say this because in about a week I can't believe how confident I have became just because of the blogging community on twitter and how supportive and active they are! I really recommend making a twitter & following other bloggers. You get inspired and you also get a ton of support from everyone it's really nice and will boost your confidence. It's also nice to look at other people's blogs to see what their style is.

Here are my nominations..
















I hope you enjoyed reading about how my blog started and my advice to new bloggers. Thanks Hayley for nominating me. The second nomination in a week!


Louise oxoxo

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