Staying Organised With a Baby

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When you have a child it’s so hard to keep on top of everything and sometimes that’s okay, because sometimes you really don’t have the energy for it.

Sometimes it’s okay to leave the laundry, to leave vacuuming and to leave organising the washing and ironing, but let’s remember to not leave it to the point where you’re pulling your hair out.

I will also say that it’s sometimes boring doing the same routine every single day. You can switch up your routine and by making days out even if it’s to your local park, library and to a friend or relatives house, getting out the house will make your routine less boring.

I’d recommend researching your local play and stay groups, speaking to other moms is like therapy I tell you because you feel like you’re normal after talking to them about how you feel. Also going to art and craft places for children, researching sensory and activity play for them and taking them swimming is also a good idea.

There’s plenty to do that will stimulate them and keep them occupied!


Here’s my tips that have helped me stay organised with my little munchkin pie, and I hope they help you.

Pack Your Changing Bag The Day Before

Honestly. Have you ever needed to go out the next day and you’re literally stuffing your changing bag with everything possible because you ”might’ need it without actually thinking about what you’re actually putting in your bag? It’s also the panic too and making sure you have all of your baby’s essential items.

Packing your changing bag the day before you’re due to go out is so much easier and having food ready in the fridge so you can just take them out the next day and pop them in your bag.

Packing your nappies, wipes, a spare set of clothes, a toy and your purse and items you might want in your bag will take away the stress of sorting it the next day. You’ll be getting yourself and baby ready anyway which is hard enough!

Set Both Of Your Outfits Out Just Before You Go To Bed

Kind of like the changing bag situation. There’s nothing worse rushing round looking for things to wear and then trying to figure out what you want your baby to wear. I normally check the weather the night before and pick out his outfit and put it on my wardrobe door along with my clothes (I normally leave my clothes in the bathroom on the coat hanger.)

Obviously if the weathers changed you’d change the outfit, or maybe get two outfits out ready so you’re prepared. Having an outfit prepared will be so much straight forward for the next day.

Buy Toy Boxes & Storage Baskets

For your little ones small toys and teddy bears, a toy box is essential so that you can put away the toys rather than them being scattered all over their nursery or in your living room. Even show your baby that you’re putting them away.

When my son was 11 months I’d say “put toys away then” and he wouldn’t do anything but just observe, id do this when it was bath time because normally I’d Bath, read and then it’s time for bedtime.

Doing this will intrigue them and now my sons 18 months I’ve continued doing this and he helps me put away his toys in his toy box. It’s nice when you’re child helps you tidy up haha.

Set an Ironing Day (Mines a Sunday!)

Who even likes ironing anyway? It’s one of the things that bugs me but I know it needs to be done.

I set a whole day where I can iron, I either ask my mum to have him for the day or I iron whilst he’s napping or when he’s in bed.

Depending on the day though if nothing’s gone to plan I’ll iron clothes the day before wearing them so they’re not creased. I find though if I get all my ironing done and his ironing done and on the wardrobe, there’s less stress.

Set Days For Weekly Chores e.g. Change Bedsheets On a Saturday

On a Saturday I’ll strip down mine and my sons bed and change the sheets and on a Friday I will polish everywhere, scrub the doors and handles, and I’ll vacuum the ceiling (yes the ceiling because cobwebs and dust). Setting days and spacing it out will not only be easier than just doing the whole thing in one day because your body will be in utter shock, but you will feel better that you’ve got these things done.

I normally change my sheets just before bath time and I try and get my son involved now that he’s walking. Before I would stick him in his bouncer or his walker, while I went on to do what I needed to quickly do.

Freeze Meals (But Remember To Take Them Out The Day Before!)

Freezing dinners can be such a great help. For example if you make a big dinner and you have left overs, it’s always great to freeze it. Such as spaghetti Bolognese, baby puréed food (in ice cube trays it’s such a great thing to do). You can basically freeze anything just make sure you do a little research.

Like I said about baby puréed food if you make your babies food yourself you can always put them in an ice cube tray, and freeze them and then defrost the ice cubes the day before when you’re due to use them the next day. This helped so much. It takes away the stress of constantly having to make dinner every single day, it’s a quick and easy fix.

Wait Until After Dinner To Vacuum

I’m not sure why but I used to her so stressed trying to constantly clean up after my son throughout the entire day. Now I literally let him trash my place until after dinner time (which is when I’ll normally Bath him anyway) and then I’ll begin to clean up properly.

I make sure I vacuum daily just because he picks up the bits from the floor, but I make sure I leave this until after dinner because there’s nothing more frustrating than vacuuming then dinner time comes, and the floods are ruined again.

Make sure you empty your vacuum though afterwards and pick up any big pieces so you don’t clog your vacuum.

Plan Meals Throughout The Week So You Have an Idea On What You Need To Buy

If I don’t plan what I’m having for the week then I will go to the shop and buy unnecessary things. I’ll also spend twice as much and come out with more junk than actual food.

Planning what you’re having for the week ahead and then going out to buy the food that you need will prepare you and you will have bought everything you would need for the meals ahead rather than just guessing and getting whatever.

Put a Load Of Washing On Before You Go Out or Whilst You’re Doing Dinner

Just remembering to put a load on whilst doing dinner or just before you go out is just cutting down your wash load. By time you’ve came back or by time you’ve finished or ate dinner the load will be done ready to hang out the clothes.

I always put a load on while doing dinner or if I’m cleaning the kitchen.

Sorting your washing into colour piles on the floor whilst putting in the loads is also less stress than going through your pile of washing and just picking out clothes then and there.

In The Morning, or Just Before Bath time Place Bedtime Things On The Bed

I’ve only just began doing this but it’s so straight forward to just get them from the bath, straight into the bedroom to get them changed for bed.

Every morning now I will make mine and his bed, and I’ll put a few nappies, his lavender baby powder and his bedtime clothes on my bed and a fresh towel ready for bath time.

You obviously don’t have to do this in the morning it’s just that we never really go back into my room unless it’s time for nap, but he goes into his own bed now.

It’s just so much easier to sort out in the morning rather than getting them out the bath then remembering to get their clothes.

Try and Stick To The Same Routine

When I say stick to the same routine, I mean breakfast, lunch, dinner, bath and bed.

I mean sometimes times will differ. I always make sure though without fail I will Bath my son around 7:30pm or 8:00pm so he knows bedtime is coming soon.

It’s good to keep a good bedtime routine around the same time so that they will go to bed easier.

Not all the time are you going to get them to bed at the same time all the time and sometimes they won’t sleep through which is perfectly normal. But you want them to be aware that this is now night time, so they’re mentally ready for bed and they know bedtime is soon.

Even though it’s hard to be organised with a child, it’s just nice to have tips here and there so you don’t get too stressed.

I remember the days that every day blended into one, everywhere was a mess and I was exhausted but as they get bigger it’s so much easier to get things done.

Like I said at the beginning it’s fine to sometimes have lazy days, you’re entitled to them but we need to remember to not let it get out of hand.

If you’re finding yourself too overwhelmed and you can’t get things done, ask somebody to help you. Ask someone to have your child so you can get the house or dinner sorted in your own time, or even if you just wanted a break the entire day, that’s absolutely fine.


Louise oxoxo

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Every Child Is Different

Parenting, Pregnancy

Each and every person is an individual being, with different emotions, different developmental goals and each of us will reach milestones at different stages.

Each of the child's developmental sectors (social, emotional, intellectual and physical) should be taken into consideration and parents shouldn't apply pressure on their child if they see another child hitting milestones. They will hit the same milestones at a different time when they are ready.

Who even knows, they might be focused on a completely different milestone such as walking, or talking (as the brain doesn't allow your child to focus on the two).

When one child is ready to potty train, another won't be. When one child cuts teeth early, one won't until a couple months down the line. Your child might walk early, but may not be great at speech just yet which can make you worry, vice versa, but once your child feels fulfilled and confident that they've reached their goal they will focus on something else.

There's so much pressure from adults and normally this stems from their doubt that they aren't doing a good job, this feeling is natural and we will always question ourselves.

It can also stem from other mothers constantly comparing their child to yours, or when you hear other children speaking well, see other children eating healthy or maybe down to your child being shy and seeing others be confident.

You must remember that every child is different you can always encourage them to learn new skills, and of course encourage them to become more confident and out spoken but never pressure your child because of others, in good time they will also hit that milestone.

When I moved out for the first time I was surrounded by young mums.

One kept comparing hers to mine because she had a child the same age, he was always a healthy eater, mine wasn't at the time, he slept through the night, mine still doesn't but she used controlled crying which worked for her but I'm uncomfortable doing that, and whatever my child was doing, he would always seem better.

This really began to play on my confidence as a mother until I did my own research, and instead of questioning myself I began to sit back let my child explore, I kept my old routine as I was trying to change things to how she did things which didn't work for us.

Each households values and routines are different too, what works for you may not work for another family.

I feel like adults should keep in mind every child is different. It's like when a child misbehaves I hear mums complain about the child instead of thinking "oh well, he could be teething", "she could be unwell", there could be many reasons why a child is the way they are.

I also hear mums say "her speech isn't good for two", "he isn't even walking yet and he's one", "she still breastfeeds and he's well over one now", she's made a rod for her own back by allowing that child in bed with her, I couldn't do it". Of course everyone has an opinion on everything but I feel like no one should judge or even come across like this especially when it's to do with the way a mother parents her child, and about children in general.

If parenting is positive, baby is healthy and happy and If that works for their child then great. If there's delay in speech or walking, let them deal with that. No need to add to their load of worries (as we already do as parents).

Be mindful, positive and always support your fellow parent. Times can be rough and if someone seems like they're struggling, offer a helping hand. They will be grateful and who knows you might be the one person to pick them up off the ground to continue with this magical journey of parenting.


Louise oxoxo

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Keeping Sane – Motherhood 


Having a baby, toddler or multiple children can be challenging.

It's not that it's hard, it's just extremely testing and it can be exhausting.

When they don't listen to you and do the opposite of what you've asked them to do, when you walk into a room and they've smeared food or something worse, all over the walls and carpets. 

When you think it's 6pm when really, it's 3pm, so your counting down the hours until bedtime.

Your house is a mess your washing hasn't been done in a few days, there's food continuously scattered everywhere after tidying up every single night and you're ever so tired.

You are a superhero, and even though it's testing and all these things happen during Motherhood, it shows how resilient you are.

If you have a relative, a close friend or neighbour who you trust to watch the children for a few hours just so you can get the house together, or relax in the bath.

It will matter, you don't realise what an hour of peace actually does for you.

It'll be even better if you have someone you trust to look after your child(ren) over night so you have a couple of hours to yourself so you can chill, do what you need to do and to finally have some you time.

As mothers we forget to look after ourselves, baby is always first of course but we need to remember to at least fit in some 'me' time.

Even if it's something simple like getting your nails done, getting your hair done, pampering yourself, making plans with a friend so you can get everything out, planning a day trip. Just something to make you feel happy.

I felt like the first year of motherhood was so difficult because I had to adjust to everything. I've always said my son is a blessing, I would never regret him and I prepared myself the best I could when I was pregnant, but once reality hit it felt like my world had broken.

This wasn't because I hated being a mother, I hated all the anxious emotions, aware and cautious of everyone around him and not wanting to leave him with anyone other than myself or my mom (for a few hours) that's not because I didn't trust anyone, he was honestly my world.

I was broken because of my circumstances, in the future if him not having his father around would effect him, if he'll feel fulfilled enough and will he feel happy.

Questioning if I was enough. But I can answer confidently, I am more than enough because I love and live for my beautiful creation and I do the best that I can.

But life isn't always rosey, and that's okay!

Accept bad days, and start the new day fresh and try and make time for yourself even if it's after the children are in bed, just being able to sit down and do whatever you want is an amazing feeling.

It's fine if you feel stir crazy. It's fine if you feel overwhelmed and exhausted! Social media doesn't help us when we feel like this because every mum seems to be doing a better job than us, but they have bad days too.

As long as you offload to your friends or family, or even someone you can trust will make you feel human again.

If your thoughts are too negative about life as a parent and you're worried, make sure you speak to a health professional so they can help you. It doesn't mean you've failed, they're there to support you and offer you further services you may not of even heard of depending on your circumstances.

We are only human we're entitled to feel a different range of emotions.

Go on long walks, offload to someone about your worries, go and arrange something with your friends, just make sure you do something to lift the load off your mind.


Louise oxoxo

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Breastfeeding For Over a Year: What now?

Parenting, Pregnancy

I’ve been breastfeeding for a year and 6 months! How time flies.

My son is thriving and I’m happy I’m continuing my journey with breastfeeding however now my son is one, I’ve been getting a lot of pressure to stop breastfeeding and to wean him by health professionals and by family members and peers.

However doing research on the Kellymom website, I’ve gained a lot of confidence knowing I don’t have to stop just because other people have different views on what’s the norm.

I’m being told by people continuously when I mention “I’m going to stop when my son decides to self-wean” that “he won’t self-wean, he’ll be on the breast until he’s 10!” Of course it’s banter and it’s them being uneducated in that department.

If you’re breastfeeding and wondering if you need to stop just because of their age, If you’re enjoying breastfeeding and feel like your little one isn’t ready to stop then don’t wean your child because of the comments from other people or health professionals unless there’s a problem with weight gain, or any health conditions that is interfering with breastfeeding.

I’d recommend to find a breastfeeding support network in your local area, or to seek advice with the breastfeeding support team and phone them for more information.

The longer you breastfeed the longer your child is getting nutrition and there will be a time where your little one will self-wean themselves from the milk when they’re fulfilled in other ways and drinking and eating well. Read more about self-weaning here

Also, if your little one isn’t sleeping throughout the night and people are telling you it’s because you’re breastfeeding, they’re wrong. 

If you’re uncomfortable to do controlled crying like myself, there is no need to do that. Even though it’s frustrating that your little one doesn’t sleep throughout the night, they will hit a milestone when they feel ready to sleep through the night and that’s without doing controlled crying and forcing them to sleep through. 

The reason I was put off controlled crying through the night was it apparently has negative effects on their emotional state. It causes baby to feel as if no one is going to meet their needs, there’s more information here.

However saying this, plenty of family members have done controlled crying and it’s worked brilliantly for them. I just couldn’t bare doing it.

If controlled crying works for you then that’s great, every family does things differently and it works for them.

Just because you’re breastfeeding doesn’t mean your child isn’t getting enough. If anything they’re getting more than enough, I’m not sure why people act as if breastfeeding isn’t a natural thing when your body produces it and your boobs know exactly how much your baby needs and what nutrients they need! Which is impressive if you ask me.

If you do want to wean your child, that is your choice but don’t think you need to wean if you are starting work or other factors because you can continue through expressing bottles or expressing and putting it into a sippy cup.

Your child might even not depend on it as much during the day, and may want it on the night which is the case for my son at the moment because he’s so active and on the go.

Don’t feel pressured to stop if you feel like you’re not ready or baby is not ready. Please seek more information to gain more knowledge which will also build your confidence!


Louise oxoxo

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Trying Not To Be The Judgemental Mom


Before I had my little one I was so open minded. 

I still like to consider myself open minded, but some things especially when it involves children, completely blows my mind.

Or, if one mum makes a little comment about something I’m doing, my routine or breastfeeding (9/10 I’m sorry but it is always about breastfeeding!), or about why they do controlled crying and why I should, how co-sleeping is bad and why I shouldn’t pick up my son, the list goes on.. – Back to point – I’ll find myself nit picking or judging how they do things with their child.

And I hate doing that because I do believe that everyone brings up the way they want to bring their child up, with their knowledge, their morals and what they believe in.

I would consider myself as a really nature-earth mum aka hippie! 

I like to think of things biologically.

Biologically, I believe as mothers, we are meant to have our children close to us. They’ve been in the womb for 9 months which is cushy and cosy!

So it’s mind blowing to me when people – especially the older generation – are so quick to tell mothers to leave their baby when they are crying because ‘they’ll make a rod for their own back’ even though that newborn cannot fend for itself or even communicate.

I hate societal views on parenting it really does not make sense. 

As mothers we have instincts and we know what’s best for our children, so why are people so quick to tell us what they think is best for our child? 

There has been times where I have questioned the way I do things.

Am I being too soft? Will my child be more independent if I just did controlled crying for goodness sake. Maybe I am always picking him up, maybe I should wean him off breastfeeding he is over one now?

That is only because of other people’s comments. 

But I am telling you once I do deep research. Once I gather my evidence I’m prepared to justify myself In effective ways.

One of the main things I find myself being judgemental about (recently) is the disapline of children.

I mean I’m still finding the best way for disapline, but constantly hearing mothers shout at their child, or telling them to go away or constantly telling them “no, no, no” but not giving them any other attention really irritates my soul.

Of course there’s times when you have no choice but to say no. 

For example my son is fascinated by the oven. He’s also fascinated by plugs for goodness sake. 

So I have to tell him “no!” Because when I’ve said other things such as “ouch burny!” he will quickly poke it and blow his hand and smile so he thinks it’s a game, which is so cute but on a serious level it’s not funny because he could seriously get hurt.

Also seeing children in winter with no socks on in their pushchairs or without a blanket irritates me. There just is no need.. This is what I mean by trying not to be the judgemental mum I wish I could shut off that part of me.

I am not the perfect mum. I question myself daily and I lack confidence but doing research has helped my confidence and I feel like I’m doing an okay job with my little one.

I think everyone does a great job with their child, and everyone has to do what’s best for their family.

I hope no one is offended by this post!


Louise oxoxo

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My Birth Experience – Share Your Experiences In The Comments

Parenting, Pregnancy

Hi lovelies,

I was thinking about my birth experience and a few people at play groups have asked me what my birth was like, so I thought I would write my experience and I’m hoping you’d share yours too!

My due date was the 15th of March 2016, but he arrived on the 22nd of February 2016, he was born just under 4 weeks early bless him.

It was a Monday when he was born, and on the Saturday my family threw me a surprise baby shower.

I had no clue what so ever, so I turned up with no makeup on, with scruffy clothes on and I looked like a hot mess. I was so unhappy because I was extremely uncomfortable and I kept crying on and off that day.

After the baby shower when everyone went, my cousin took one look at me and said “you look like you’re about to cry”. That was it, I started crying my eyes out, I couldn’t stop! I was so upset and uncomfortable. She then said to me “you’re ready to have this baby, I have a feeling you’re in slow labour”.

So on the Monday, my waters broke at 5am. 

I woke up in a puddle of water, I was questioning if I actually wet myself, so I popped up to my cousin and told her what had happened etc. She told me to go and wake my mom and that I need to contact the hospital because my labour could move very quickly.

So I woke my mom up. I had no pains what so ever, so we made breakfast and I was convinced that I would be like Kourtney Kardashian, I would be able to gracefully have a shower, pace myself, do my makeup.

No. Pain began to hit. And it was all in my back and it was no joke.

This was around 8am. I had phoned the hospital at 6:30am explaining my waters had gone, and they told me to go to the hospital for 9am If I’m not getting any pains and to my hospital bag because they would keep me in because I was 36 weeks.

So this pain was horrendous. I like to think I have a high pain tolerance level but labour pains are unexplainable.

Every contraction was exhausting from the get go. My back felt like it was breaking. 

When we first got to the hospital the midwife said to me “it might be a water infection” I completely lost it and shouted at her to check me because this was definitely not a water infection! 

I was 3cm dialated when they checked me. I went to run a bath to help the pain, but I couldn’t get comfortable because of my back.

I had signs a few weeks before of my mucus plug, but during my labour the full show was there.

When I was 5cm that’s when they moved me into a room and that’s when I could use the gas and air which was amazing.

I also had pethadine which made me very sleepy. 

Because my blood pressure was so high, and because my little ones heart beat was mimicking mine, I had to be laid on a bed with a monitor on my stomach, a heartbeat monitor on my baby’s head and also someone checking my blood pressure constantly.

When I got to 7cm, every time a contraction was coming my whole body would shake and I’d feel cold. My mom was scared that there was something wrong.

I opted for an epidural at some point and I had the man tell to me about having it and what he was going to do. If I’m honest the pethadine made me so drowsy I kept falling asleep on him and I remember saying “I am listening, I’m just closing my eyes” 😂.

I was very close to having a c-section.  

I got to 10cm very quickly, and that’s when I shot up alert. I needed to push! 

The midwife tried stopping me before checking me, and my mom stopped me because of what the midwife said. 

Because I was strapped to the bed and I couldn’t get up to move, the sensation was so intense I even begged her to let me go to the bathroom.

She checked me, and as I looked at her she was smirking and I knew she could see my baby.

She then gave me the ok to push, so every time she told me to push I did. It was so exhausting but at the same time my body had the urge to push it was such an unexplainable feeling.

When his head came out, I remember when I was pregnant people called this the ring of fire, and I would honestly say that was the second most painful thing in my whole labour, but it didn’t last long.

Soon after his whole body came out and we could hear him cry instantly. My baby was finally born at 1:31pm.

They put him on me for skin to skin and this was the most amazing moment of my whole life.

His eyes opened to take a look at me and I instantly fell in love.

He took his first feed and latched on straight away. It was all amazing, but also very quick because he was drowsy.

A lot of moms said that they needed an injection to deliver their placenta, but my midwife just massaged my stomach and it sort of just came out. I didn’t see it and didn’t want to if I’m honest. 

I was examined and was told I needed stiches. I had a lot of grazing and a 2nd degree tear. 

They numbed me which was actually the 1st most painful thing in my labour experience because the injections stung severely, and then they stitched me up.

The stitches were uncomfortable but they were the last thing on my mind. 

Afterwards they gave me tea and toast and told me that I could get up for a shower. Looking at my stomach flappy, and different now that I had given birth was so weird.

Throughout hospital, I struggled with breastfeeding. I felt that I didn’t get the right support in hospital but I got great support once I got home.

What was your experience when giving birth? Did everything go to plan?

Leave your comments below, I love hearing different experiences.


Louise oxoxo

Being a Mom: The Good and The Bad Times


My son is coming up to 16 months and I can honestly say it’s been such a pleasure.

He’s becoming so independent, ever so loving and ever so inquisitive.

He is very kind, loving and warm.

He’s weary of new people, but once he gets to know them he shows himself to be a confident, loving little boy.

And that’s all I wished for.

My hard work is paying off and I’m very proud as you can tell, however it’s not always been a day dream.

There’s been times where he’s tested me, when he teeths he gets really irritable, which isn’t his fault but when you’ve done everything possible and he begins to bite you while breastfeeding it really begins to have an effect on you emotionally.

He was rough with others to begin with, because he didn’t really have peers that were also walking the same time as him. He didn’t know how to be gentle, but with consistency and teaching him to be ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ to others he really has became mindful to others.

Every day is a different day. 

There’s at least one bad day in the week where I can’t be bothered to prepare dinner, I can’t be bothered to see my living room wrecked again for me to vacuum and put everything back in its place. 

I really haven’t got the energy to have a war with him whilst trying to change his nappy and not get crap everywhere.

I haven’t got the energy to make 4 different breakfasts because he refuses to eat anything.

The list goes on and on and on. But I’ve learned to accept those bad days, and I normally try to snap myself out of it or I go to my mothers for extra support.

It’s nice to go the play groups where there’s other children there for your little one to socialise.

It’s also nice to speak to other mothers about your feelings so you don’t feel like you’re a bad parent for feeling the way you do.

As long as you are doing your best, and making sure your little one is happy, content, warm and fed, you are certainly not a bad parent.

Be consistent, happy and mindful.

Also pick your battles and ask yourself is it necessary to shout at them in certain situations?

I hope you have a great week.


Louise oxoxo